Green Drinks

While I anxiously await my Jolica Gift Consultant materials, I have been focusing on another passion – Green Drinks in N. Arizona.  I went to my first meeting at the Green Room (formerly known as the Mogollon Brewery) in Downtown Flagstaff two months ago.  This is an amazing grassroots group that gets together monthly to network, socialize, and talk about all things Green & Sustainable.   Right up my alley, huh? It’s all very informal and I’ve met some incredible people here.  One lady was into greenhouse design.  Several folks in Renewable Energy.  Organic Gardening.  Water conservation, solar heating, xeriscape gardening….. Me, with my Eco-Fashion ideas.  Sustainable tourism.  Some recycling fanatics.  Our local Electric Auto builder was there last month.

Since I’ve jumped right into the middle of that (who, me, shy??), I’ve managed to get my employer (Southwest Windpower) and my Chapter of the Electric Auto Association to host/sponsor the gathering. I’m working on my husband’s employer, NAIPTA (don’t ask – suffice it to say Mountain Line Public Transit, it’s more than that but the acronym is hell).  This Thursday SWWP will sponsor it, and we’ll have info available on Wind Energy and show a brief slideshow.  Thursday, Sept 4 the EAA will sponsor it.  I’m not sure what our Prez, Barkley, has in mind for it.  But it’s bound to be fun, and we will try to get some EV’s downtown for all to look at and learn about.  October 2 will be the Coconino County Sustainable Economic Development Initiative, and hopefully November will be that mouth-full of an acronym with their Hybrid Transit Bus.

So if you are in Flagstaff the first Thursday of ANY month, drop on by the Green Room for Green Drinks at 5:30 pm (15 N. Agassiz St).  If you want to know more, visit


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