About Me

Name: Jo Starr

Female, Married


Spouse: Rich, Transit Driver for N. Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority

7 Kids:  3 dogs (Houdini, Flipper and Polar) and 4 cats (Fannie, Pixie, Dillon, and Rat)


Eco~Consultant, Green Starr Makeovers …Greening all of Northern Arizona

Education:  BS 1996, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, Univ. of Minnesota

Residence:  Flagstaff, AZ, off-grid solar home

Hobbies: fashion, reading, pets, cars, anything environmental/sustainable, networking with like-minded people, writing, making the world a better place


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    Jane Jann Says:

    Hi Jo,
    I say it again. You are a Champ and a soul-mate, if I were to write a short blog like yours, my hobbies and interest read: dress-making, reading, traveling, environment & Eco friendly person, loves anything sustainable and has use to human beings, and deja vue, I have on Facebook a Fairyland garden named “Peace Pledges” – theme come make a better place. Apart from allergy to animals, and not having kids, we have plenty in common. I bookmark your site. I will check on your Naturally Fashionable products, just wish I was able to attend your meetings to meet all those interesting people. Perhaps, once you will make a trip to Kenya with all of them to come visit my Environmentally friendly home, where the Whisper-200 is installed. JJ

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