Loving All Things Green & Sustainable

Hi!  My name is Jo and I am a Green-Living Fanatic.  Everyone I know tells me that I tend to overbook myself, take on too much, try to do too many things. Maybe so, but it’s hard for me to resist taking on a new project that is closely related to my passion: living green and sustainable. To give you an idea about what I’m all about, here are just a few of the things I’m involved in!

  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources & Environmental Studies (1996)
  • Customer Service Representative at Southwest Windpower (www.windenergy.com
  • Secretary of the Flagstaff Chapter of the Electric Auto Association (www.flagstaffeaa.org)
  • Former Commissioner on Flagstaff Sustainability Commission (until I moved outside city limits!)
  • Green Thinking Green Drinks @ the Green Room in Flagstaff (www.greendrinks.org)
  • Practicing what I preach – living off-grid, entirely Solar with the intent of adding Wind Power in the future
  • Using non-toxic, natural, organic products when possible (food, skin care, cleaning products, you name it)
  • Active Member of the Green Team at Southwest Windpower, promoting sustainability, waste reduction, etc., from within
  • Organic gardening

And if that’s not enough to keep me busy, I plan to use my Fashion background to offer Lifestyle Consulting Services – Helping Women Look & Feel Fabulous…Naturally! In the coming months you will be able to get non-toxic, green, good-for-you products for you and your home, all from one source: ME! I will offer the gamut from natural cosmetics and personal care to organic cotton clothing, from non-toxic, safe cleaning supplies to fair-trade gifts and accessories.

Stay tuned for more details…. I have to save up enough of the other kind of “green” to get going, but I hope you will be as excited as I am to see these products!


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